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The birth of a monster.

Let’s start at the beginning.

I’m not—and probably never will be—the next long-awaited author. And I will no doubt, never see my work as a market leader. But it has never been my intention to do so.

You see, I want to be able to self-publish my book(s) the way I intended to write it(them). So why am I led to believe I have to follow a certain way of doing this. I’m sure you have heard or seen the comments of a certain book published recently. That’s my point!

Okay, I’ve never read it, it’s not the sort of book I would bother picking up. But if it’s grammatically correct, and punctuation is where it should be, then what’s the problem. It has to have something which attracts the readers, otherwise it wouldn’t have sold so many copies.

So over the coming weeks, I will be talking about the following subjects:

  • Who says what is right or wrong.
  • Why should we follow a set protocol.
  • What is bad writing.

Plus much more.

Feel free to join me, comments are always welcome. But please, keep it clean and be respectful of others.