Which movie would I like to see remade

I don’t think any movie should be remade!

Do you think that was loud enough? Or should I shout louder?

No. Okay, I’ll keep it down.

I came to my answer a day late, mulling it over before coming to my conclusion. But mainly because I had to contain myself from shouting and griping those profanities unbecoming for a woman.

This topic for the day really gets my goat. I don’t understand (and probably never will) why, with all the talented screen-writers this world has, the film industry see’s the need to re-hash old movies. And sometimes, some that aren’t so old.

Please, stop it!

Churning out junk for the sake of making money, makes my skin crawl. Alfie, The Italian Job, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Thing, The Amityville Horror, Arthur, The Fog, Footloose, Get Carter… I could go on, but I won’t.

Could you imagine if they remade E.T.? I bet he wouldn’t be so friendly this time around. No doubt he’d be some super smart alien, whose intent is to take over the planet, while enslaving humans to do his dirty work. You get the jist. I never quite get why every alien movie (except Paul, of course) has to be about the possible extinction of humankind in the first place.

Cover of "Jaws (30th Anniversary Edition)...

Cover of Jaws (30th Anniversary Edition)

But I’m going off subject.

How about Jaws, or The Birds, for example (god forbid they mess with those). If they attempted to remake such classic movies, I think I’d scrape my pennies together, fly across the Atlantic, and form a one-person picket line outside the studio.

I don’t care if some of the originals may have been pants to start with. It doesn’t matter if the special effects weren’t quite up to par. That’s what makes them classics. It’s like a husband saying to his wife while staring at their child, ‘I don’t think we got it right with this one. Let’s make another, maybe it’ll be better this time’. You just wouldn’t do that. Well, I hope you wouldn’t.

Leave things be, let these movies float away into the ether as once-in-a-lifetime deals, to join the classics in history. And give those talented script-writers the chance to shine.


2 responses to “Which movie would I like to see remade

  1. Eee, I agree with you for the most part. Remaking Journey to The Centre of the Earth was a complete crime x.x.

    However, I was musing the other day that it would be great if someone made a new trilogy for Gone With the Wind. Not that I particularly want the original remade but I would love the ‘sequels’ (different author) in film. To see the last two made in film I would happily sit through a remake of the first book – am I awful? :S

    • No, ooplalund, it doesn’t make you awful 🙂 Everyone has their own opinion and I respect that, it would be a boring world if we all thought the same way!

      However, I agree with you in principal, but why not have the original re-released on the big screen to be followed by the sequels. That way, everyone new to Gone With The Wind, wouldn’t lose the dramatic cinematography which made the picture an all-time classic in the first place. Don’t you think that would be better?

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